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We will introduce "Agroforestry system", which has globally received a lot of attention and the sustainable life of Cooperative Tosepan in Mexico that is the good case of agroforestry system.We will display organic coffee, organic decaffeinated coffee and special honey from unique stingless bee in Tosepan. All these products are produced in Agroforestry system and imported through fair trade.

Exhibition Category

  • Food, Beverages
  • Environmentally friendly, eco-activities
  • International Cooperation

Corporate Information

Phone 093-202-0081
e-mail info@windfarm.co.jp
URL http://windfarm.co.jp

Environmentally conscious aspects

  • Reducing waste/emissions during manufacturing
  • Displaying environmental information
  • Better product/service features
"Cooperative Tosepan", the indigenous group in Mexico has produced high quality organic coffee in agroforestry system.
Tosepan's honey of unique singless bee in Mexico is one of the products from the forest with rich bio-diversity.

Summary of Business

World Ecology Network (WEN) has supported "Agroforestry system", which has globally received a lot of attention in terms of prevention of global warming and the indigenous cooperative in Mexico, "Cooperative Tosepan".

Tosepan has working on sustainable community planning based on agroforestry system.
WEN are introducing its products; organic coffee, organic decaffeinated coffee and unique honey from Tosepan's forest by fairtrade. Both of coffee have rich aroma with high quality. The honey is from unique stingless bee in Mexico. Bees collect honey from a wide variety of flowers in the forest and this hoeny shows us the richness of bio-diversity in Tosepan's forests.

We are working to spread the importance of agroforestry and Tosepan's activities.

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