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We SHINODA CO., Ltd. will present our Renewable energy systems and other ecofriendly goods such as "Woody Biomass gasification system", "Small hydropower generation""Organic Rankine Cycle","Wooden Sound proof wall",and"Portable Solar power system" etc.

Exhibition Category

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Construction Architecture/Building Materials
  • Energy, Electricity Generation
  • Environmentally friendly, eco-activities
  • Prevention of Global Warming

Corporate Information

Address http://gifu-shinoda.test.leapy.jp/en/
Phone 03-6912-9175
e-mail eco@gifu-shinoda.co.jp
URL http://gifu-shinoda.test.leapy.jp/en/

Environmentally conscious aspects

  • Saving energy/water use during customer use
  • Lowering pollution/emissions during customer use
  • Better product/service features
Woody biomass gasification system.
Total 23 systems are under operation in Italy and Germany.

Summary of Business

Our company, Shinoda Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1912, sold agricultural machinery production such as scoop, pickaxe, and in 1943, it renewed its name as Shinoda manufacturing Co.Ltd and incorporated.
From postwar period and the period of rapid economic growth to the present, we have involved in establishing national infrastructure of roads. During the period of oil shock and collapse of bubble economy, our company not only came over this severe situation but also built solid foundation for company and expanded our business activities.

We did variety of business activities such as: sale of agricultural machinery productions, sale and repair of agricultural machinery productions and construction machine, design and manufacture of crush plant; we have concentrated on sale of civil engineering construction machine, design and construction of bridge to move along with the times. We made every effort on sale of construction material so that bridge section could achieve the top share in prefecture area as the result. In 1986, Shinoda Co.,Ltd was founded to concentrate on construction materials and construction machines. We received the section of bridge and section of crush plant from Shinoda manufacturing Co.Ltd, both companies came over the period bubble economy collapsed and improved business performance.

Along with the collapse of bubble economy, when conventional public work decreased, we found out new path of business chance on renewable energy.

Because of globalization, global warming, our daily lives are considerably effected by extreme weather. In addition, there are many primary issues in our country such as: low birthrate, aging society and earthquake measure. To Japanese companies, we also think that only traditional way of business and local recognition are not enough for business world in modern time.

We have been taking advantage of know-how on construction of disaster prevention, infrastructure of road safety to restart our business activities to ensure that we can “live in harmony with nature”.
We have learned from Germany and many scientifically advanced countries on environmental technologies; the way they have been thinking about coexistence with nature and the way to live in peace with nature and we want to install facilities that can make combination with Japanese traditional technologies and create “community where we can live harmony with nature”.

Nowadays, we must to think about what we should leave off and what we should preserve for our next generation. Our aim is to create environment that can response to effect of climate change; to leave a cleaner, more stable environment for future generation.

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