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Tipical application of Cellulose Nano Fiber(CNF) will be for disperision stability for non-organic powders. In this case, homogeneous dispersion ability will be the most required function. JET PASTER can organize CNF networking to hold powders. This function realizes dispersion stability property.

Exhibition Category

  • Chemistry
  • Paper
  • Household Goods, Drug Medicine, Cosmetic
  • Cars, Transport Equipment and Components
  • Energy, Electricity Generation

Corporate Information

Section Mixing business Group
Address 4-2-30 Shioe, Amagasakii, Hyogo, Japan
Phone 06-6499-2495
e-mail keiji.takagi@shi-g.com
URL http://www.spindle.co.jp/
Developping new application in a small scale on our JET PASTER.

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