Exhibitor Information

Kuzumaki Town

Kuzumaki Town is a town of milk, wine and clean energy located in Iwate Prefecture. Young people in the mountainous areas of this town have been working on what they call “Kuzumaki-style DMO” despite the decreasing population. At their booth, they will exhibit their soon-to-be-announced sightseeing plans, wines made with wild grapes and cheese.

Exhibition Category

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Food, Beverages
  • Energy, Electricity Generation
  • Hobby, Entertainment
  • Others

Corporate Information

Section Kuzumaki town
Address General Affairs and Planning Section
Phone 0195-66-2111
e-mail kuzumaki@town.kuzumaki.iwate.jp
URL http://www.town.kuzumaki.iwate.jp/

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