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Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Let’s think about environmental problems in the world with JICA’s Environmental Education Volunteers who have worked in different countries! The booth offers exhibitions and talk shows such as:
● Introduction of activities of environmental education volunteers
● Commentary on environmental problems in the world
● Mini workshop of environmental education (it doesn’t take a long time).

Exhibition Category

  • Bio-diversity
  • Education, Learning Support
  • Waste Disposal, Recycle
  • Environmentally friendly, eco-activities
  • International Cooperation

Corporate Information

Section Latin America and the Caribbean Division, Secretariat of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
Address Nibancho Center Building 5-25, Niban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-5226-9865
e-mail Unno-Junko@jica.go.jp
URL http://www.jica.go.jp/english/
Volunteers present interesting experiences in their overseas activities!
Environmental Education Volunteers talking to children during a lesson at an elementary school (Costa Rica)
Making seedbed with instructions by Environmental Education Volunteers! (Dominican Republic)

Summary of Business

JICA provides international cooperation to developing countries as the agency to execute Japan’s ODA in a comprehensive manner. With the vision of “Inclusive and Dynamic Development”, JICA provides support to solve issues in developing countries using the best approach out of many different support methods and combining it with regional, country and issue-specific approaches.

【JICA Volunteers】
The three missions of JICA’s volunteer projects are to: “(1) contribute to development and rehabilitation of developing countries, (2) promote friendship and mutual understanding with developing countries, and (3) return profits to the society making use of volunteering experiences”. They are grassroots voluntary activities featuring promotion of self-help efforts of local people by living, working and speaking the same languages with them and thus establishing mutual understanding.

【Environmental Education Volunteers】
Environmental problems concerning waste, water pollution and deforestation are severe in each country. Volunteers endeavor in order to pass down a better environment to the future. They are working with creativity and the challenging spirit in accordance with local situations. Their activities include “on-demand classes”, “campaigns and events”, “development of teaching materials and PR tools”, “organization of environmental groups”, “development of human resources for leaders”, “promotion of compost”, “improvement of waste collection system”, “eco-tourism” and “improvement of exhibits”.

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