Exhibitor Information

International Forest Certification System PEFC/Sustainable Green Eco-system Council (SGEC)

International forest certification system “PEFC” and Japan’s unique forest certification system “SGEC” are introduced with a display of variety of relative materials and sample certified products. Products with PEFC and/or SGEC logos are environmentally-friendly products using materials that come from sustainably managed forests.

Exhibition Category

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Construction Architecture/Building Materials
  • Housing, housing equipment, Interior
  • Paper
  • Environmentally friendly, eco-activities

Corporate Information

Section PEFC Asia Promotions (NPO)
Address 1-7-10-903 Iidabashi, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Phone 03-3221-0151
e-mail http://www.pefcasia.org
URL http://www.pefcasia.org

Environmentally conscious aspects

  • Improving materials used in manufacturing
  • Displaying environmental information
We provide you with the best opportunity for leaning about forest certification.
PEFC stand at EcoProducts 2013
PEFC stand at EcoProducts 2015

Summary of Business

PEFC Asia Promotions is a non-profit organization established for widely spreading the importance and social meaning of sustainable forest management through promotion of international forest certification system PEFC and Japan’s unique forest certification system Sustainable Green Eco-system Council (SGEC) within the Japanese society and markets. Sustainable forest management is the forest operation conforming to the forest management standards which take into consideration the environmental factors such as biodiversity, water and soil conservation, social factors such as workers’ rights, safety and health and economic factors such as income increase and development of rural communities through prosperity of forest industry. Forest certification is a system which consists of FM certification that verifies and proves the sustainability of forest management by fair third person certification and COC certification which separates certified materials from non-certified materials throughout the processing and manufacturing process and allows to deliver credibility and safety of forest products to consumers by using labels and logos.
During the recent years, certified wood and paper are used more commonly for public procurements of many countries and international events such as Olympic Games.

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