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The livestock industry has a negative impact on the environment. This industry, pollutes the water, contaminates the soil, and destroys the forest. You have probably heard that cows produce large amounts of methane. And that this methane gas has a large impact on Global Warming. The livestock industry and environmental conservation are incompatible.

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  • Food, Beverages
  • Environmentally friendly, eco-activities
  • Prevention of Global Warming

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Address 12-3-1009 udagawacho shibuyaku tokyoto
Phone 03-3770-0720
e-mail http://www.arcj.org/contact/
URL http://www.arcj.org
The livestock industry and environmental conservation are incompatible.

Summary of Business

We want to put an end to the unethical treatment of animals. Animals have the right to be treated as animals. We are a Non-Profit Organization protecting the dignity of animals
The Animal Rights center was founded in 1987. Our activities originally started in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Our members gathered with a wish to be involved in all matters of animal rights.
Issues around pets (such as cats and dogs), animal testing for cosmetics, medicine and food, issues around animals sent to slaughterhouses, issues around animals killed for fur and leather products, issues around entertainment through institutions like Aquariums and Zoos; We are mainly active in hopes to alter the current state of animal treatment under human control.

For the animal rights center to reach its goals, the common lifestyle must be more conscious of animals. To do this, we need everyone to communicate and think about the current cruelty towards animals in our world. It is necessary to change our way of thinking. We may need to change how our society works.
By doing this animals should be able to have a life with dignity.
Do not think that this requires a dramatic change in our lifestyle. Our quality of life will not be lowered. Our life will not greatly degrade.
We will keep our courage and faith, and continue to propose to society changes necessary to protect the dignity of animals. We hope that we are able to save as many animals as possible as soon as possible.

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