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Let’s make everyone know about the wild animal-pathway ~ protect the forest and wild life though animal-pathway ~
Also illustrating the cases of local roads and highways constructions, as well as monitoring videos of arboreal animals using animal pathways. There will be picture leaflets for children.

Exhibition Category

  • Bio-diversity
  • Construction Architecture/Building Materials
  • Education, Learning Support
  • Research and academic achievements announced
  • Environmentally friendly, eco-activities

Corporate Information

Section Head office
Address 2-27-4,Minamiooizumi,Nerima-ward,Tokyo 178-0064 JAPAN
Phone 090-7404-2652
e-mail info@animalpathway.org
URL http://www.animal-pathway.jp/
Protect the forest and Arboreal animals though Animal- pathway
Animalpathway for Arboreal Animals over Public Road in Hokuto City
Confirmation of Squirrel usage on Animalpathway

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