Exhibitor Information


This exhibition introduces KEIO EDGE program which promotes to shape the innovative ecosystem that grow young people or related parties contributing to creating a new business. In addition to that, We are recruiting people who can help our add enthusiasm to CleantechOpenJapan2015 which accelerates clean-tech companies.

Exhibition Category

  • Energy, Electricity Generation
  • Smart Grid Related Technology
  • Information-Communications, Media, Information Service
  • Education, Learning Support
  • Networking

Corporate Information

Section KEIO University Yan Laboratory
Address Yan Laboratory, 5322, Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa
Phone 070-5010-7913
URL http://ecogis.sfc.keio.ac.jp/ecolog2/?lang=en
Introduction of programs that grow people and promote clean-tech companies

Summary of Business

We are promoting EDGE PROGRAM and introducing CLEANTECHOPEN.

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