Exhibitor Information

Japan Wildlife Conservation Society

We are on display in The biodiversity knowledge Square.
Our Exhibition theme is CBD Aichi target 3 and 12.

Exhibition Category

  • Bio-diversity

Corporate Information

Address 102 MoutAPT. 1-11-19, Sakai Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan 180-0022
Phone 0422-54-4885
URL http://www.jwcs.org/english/
We challenge in issues which is not done enough.

Summary of Business

The Japan Wildlife Conservation Society/JWCS carries out educational programs in Japan on topics related to CITES and CBD . We also conduct research and make proposals on CBD Aichi Target 3, “Subsidies which affect biodiversity.”

JWCS started work in 1990 around a core group of researchers. Since 1994 we have been the only Japanese domestic NGO participating in CITES on the matter of wildlife conservation. We have also participated in CBD since 2010.

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