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@ Alabama booth you will get the information about the Zilkha Black Pellets, which provide you hard, dry, low-dust , water-resistant Black wood pellets (patented).
This unique pellet let you store the pellet open air and you can handle just like coal.

Exhibition Category

  • Energy, Electricity Generation

Corporate Information

Section http://www.asoajapan.org/jpn/of/al.html
Address http://www.madeinalabama.com/
Phone 03-3655-3508
e-mail k-sugama+nikkei-webbase-test@skyarc.co.jp
URL http://www.zilkhabiomass.com

Environmentally conscious aspects

  • Reducing waste/emissions during manufacturing
  • Lowering pollution/emissions during customer use
  • Reducing the amount of waste at the time of disposal
  • Better product/service features

Summary of Business

The Zilkha Black® Pellet is a revolutionary advancement in the pellet industry: our additive-free pellet is water-resistant and durable. Green wood removed from a forest generally contains about 50% moisture content. So for every pound of wood you transport, you are also paying to transport a pound of water. All pellets—composed of compressed wood pre-dried to reduce moisture content—increase energy density, create a uniform fuel, and decrease transportation costs. However, the Zilkha Black® Pellet improves pellet technology, providing you more than the usual benefits of pellet fuel. Our sturdy Black pellet is abrasion resistant, increasing safety and reducing product loss during storage and transport. Because it is water-resistant, it can be transported and stored outside like coal. And it has a higher energy density than conventional white pellets

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