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Medicine for the earth, SOMRE#1 and VED#1: two new concrete and viable technologies for improving production of food, cashmere, and successful greening Gobi desert, aiming at stopping global warming.

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  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Bio-diversity
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  • Prevention of Global Warming

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Section Public affairs manager, Someiyakko Kenkyusho
Address 56-7 Matsuhidai, Matsudo, Chiba 270-2214, Japan
Phone 047-393-8708
e-mail someiyakko@smail.plala.or.jp
URL http://somre.jimdo.com/
SOMRE and VED: new concrete and viable technologies for combating global warming
Planting nursery plant, immersed in SOMRE#1 solution for 0.5 hour, at the flow dune of Gobi desert.
One year and 7 months after planting. Rooting rate is 87.6%, the best record. Recovery of ecosystem is very rapid.

Summary of Business

We developed SOMRE#1 and VED#1 as "medicine for the earth". Utilizing these new technologies, we are conducting the following activities with an aim to stop global hunger and warming
1.Hair-growth and meat increase in reproduction promotion of cashmere goat and development of Ritayakko cosmetics to improve people’s QOL
The shortage of meat supply is expected. VED#1 is a peripheral vasodilator and produced a lot of kids with high reproducibility on the experiment carried out for four years using the goat in Inner Mongolia, China.
When a goat eats the same quantity of grass, if a lot of kids are born, nomadic herders can sell more goats and get more cash income than usual case. So, nomad can reduce the head count of the goat which is a cause of the desertification. In addition, by taking VED#1, the goat improved the face luster well, and a hair-growth was remarkable increasing in cashmere harvests.
On the other hand, people who are in poor QOL with a stain, baldness and erectile dysfunction (ED) are increasing. We showed that VED#1 is a suitable cosmetics material from the result of the goat. Based on the experiments for four years with trial samples, we developed cosmetics for the improvement of human QOL. “Ritayakko01” cream and “Ritayakko10” spray are now available. In the future we will improve a VED as ED therapeutic drug.
2. Increasing food production with SOMRE#1
Serious food shortage in the world is predicted because of the increase of the population. There is a limit to the area of the farming place in the earth. Therefore food production has a limit, too.
We believe there are only two methods that solve these problems. The one is to raise the harvest of fruit or root per 1 plant individual. The other is to raise a valuable seminal rooting rate. We proved that SOMRE#1 is a remarkable solution to these problems and will show in our booth various concrete examples of food plants and others.
3. Activity for stopping yellow sand outbreak, greening Gobi desert and combating the global warming
Using SOMRE#1 as a concrete and viable technique, we repeated planting and growing seedlings in Gobi desert in Inner Mongolia with an aim to stop yellow sand by greening the surface with plants, and obtained successful results, thus far.
A: There is 1% of water in the depth of around 50 cm in Gobi desert. At the time of the rain, seeds of the desert plant spontaneously start rooting. SOMRE#1 helps seeds extend the root length to 2-3 times longer. Roots arrive to watery depth and can survive in the desert. In the near future plants would cover desert surface, and yellow sand outbreak disappears. Surface temperature falls and calls cloud. Rain returns to the desert. Plants and grass grow thick, and absorb carbon dioxide in great amount. As a result, global warming stops.
B: The greening of the world deserts cannot be attained by the planting method. The only possible method is aerial scattering of seeds from an airplane. First we carried out planting the SOMRE#1 treated seedlings on the Gobi flow dune and succeeded. Then, we achieved 0.5% of root taking rates by the world's first trial to sprinkle SOMRE#1 treated seeds on a flow dune. Based on these successful results, for the first time in the world, we sprayed from airplane on a flow dune the seeds which were immersed in the SOMRE#1.
We are confident that greening world deserts is possible if we could repeat similar trials many times.
4. An activity in India for the purpose of the food increase
With an Indian cooperator we are examining the effect of SOMRE#1 on various Indian plants. A remarkable increased income effect was realized in preliminary examinations.
5. Activity to stop starvation of Africa (a goal of the near future)
SOMRE#1 raises the harvest of rice, sweet potato and potato. A similar effect can be expected in the cases of nerica rice and cassava.

We use a part of the sales profits of Ritayakko cosmetics to the above mentioned activities.

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