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We display products using "FSC recycled pulp" being made without cutting down any forest. We also show 10 million paper cranes that are maked to pray for peace from all over the world per year.

Exhibition Category

  • Paper
  • Waste Disposal, Recycle
  • Others

Corporate Information

Section Environment Department
Address Shinhama 33-10, Tsunomine-chou, Anan-shi, 774-0021 Tokushima / Japan
Phone 0884-27-3323
e-mail http://www.nissey.net/contact
URL http://www.nissey.net/nisseysangyo
FSC recycled pulp" being made without cutting down any forest.
FSC recycled pulp is made form milk carton that children have collected. and making without cutting down any forest.
For sublimation paper cranes project in Hiroshima, we are working with our whole heart.

Summary of Business

Nisseysangyo Co.,Ltd. is a company that started recycling milk cartons that were dumped as waste about 30 years ago.Recycled pulp that we produce is used in various fields in addition to being used as paper, because it has high quality.
We obtained FSC accreditation in this june.We are selling FSC recycled pulp mainly to foreign companies. The FSC recycled pulp has been turned into a variety of products and spreading around the world.
In addition, We have proposed the CSR using recycled waste paper that are came from companies. As a social contribution, We have done “the Sublimation Paper Cranes Project” in Hiroshima.
We will continue to work to protecting the future environment and peace for children.

Environmentally conscious aspects

  • Reducing waste/emissions during manufacturing
  • Better product/service features


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