Exhibitor Information

attendri et paisible/HAYA-HAY

We are now introducing Shea butter(Karite) directly from Guinea. Our Karite is 100% pure and unrefined. We have 50g and 80g jars for personal use.

Exhibition Category

  • Fiber, Clothing
  • Household Goods, Drug Medicine, Cosmetic
  • Distribution (Wholesale/Retail) 
  • Environmentally friendly, eco-activities
  • International Cooperation

Corporate Information

Section for greenstores
Address 11 yobitsugimotomachi minami-ku Nagoya JAPAN 457-0011/102,Yamada-cho 6-5,Naka-ku,Yokohama-shi Japan 231-0036
Phone 090-8153-2334
e-mail attendri_et_paisible@yahoo.co.jp
URL http://haya-hay.jp
Let's think about what we can do for the sustainable development.

Environmentally conscious aspects

  • Improving materials used in manufacturing
  • Reducing waste/emissions during manufacturing
  • Saving energy/water use during customer use
  • Reducing the amount of waste at the time of disposal
  • Reducing hazardous substances and pollution emitted by waste disposal
  • Displaying environmental information
  • Better product/service features


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