Contents of Exhibition

photo1Eco-products or services in various fields, including consumer goods, industrial materials, energies, finance and various services will be displayed. We will also be displaying new environmental technologies and services that aim to change conventional wisdom, and new business models that aim to solve specific problems, including company coalitions and regional cooperation. In addition, we will be mobilizing about 20,000 students in the Greater Tokyo Area as a school activity, and families can experience the low-carbon lifestyle of the near-future.

Participation Figures

photo2In addition to individual company participation, we will also have cooperative displays from various business fields, assembled displays by local governments, chamber of commerce and eco-business-related conferences, and displays for colleges, NGOs and NPOs.

Project Exhibits

photo3In theme-based displays, we will be exhibiting projects to convey a low-carbon vision of this exhibition to visitors. We will show proposals for the future, environmental technologies and the latest information on eco-products.

Symposia and Seminars

photo4We will be holding lectures and debate sessions of the heads of leading environmental companies, governments, and environmentalists. We will be striving to enhance this area with thematic seminar projects.

Exhibit Category

Exhibit Category


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