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The Largest Environmental Exhibition in Japan, Drawing 180,000 Stakeholders!

What is the Eco-Products Exhibition?

This annual exhibition was launched in 1999 in order to publicize eco-products and to realize an environmentally-friendly society.
Awareness of the global environment, efforts, products and service methods in both society and industry have changed substantially. The scale and business types at the exhibition have also widely expanded.
Companies show their innovative technologies and solutions for business, or promote their products to consumers.The national and local governments, NPOs, NGOs, and educational institutes introduce their activities and examples to solve environmental issues.


The 15th Eco-Products 2013
December 12th (Thu) - 14th (Sat), 2013
Opening Hours
10:00am - 6:00pm (until 5:00pm on the last day)
Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
Organized by
Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI)
Nikkei Inc.

Aspect of the Eco-Products Exhibition

Japan’s major comprehensive exhibition on the environment

Eco-products and services in all areas, including consumer goods, industrial materials, energy, finance, and various services, as well as CSR activities will be displayed under one roof to present companies’ efforts for a better environment. The local governments, NPOs, NGOs, universities and other educational institutes, and many others will also make their own displays. The Eco-Products Exhibition will serve as a venue for communication between a variety of entities related to the environment and exhibition visitors highly interested in a sustainable society and environmentally-friendly living.

“BtoB” and “BtoC” get together for a better communication with visitors

Business negotiations and exchange of information will be actively conducted on the exhibited products, technologies, and services of Japan’s leading companies and innovative venture companies in environment-related businesses. Moreover, there will be a number of events to meet the purposes of the visitors, such as symposiums and seminars with the theme of the latest trends in environment-related businesses, theme-based displays for environment-conscious citizens, live talk sessions by celebrities, organic restaurants, and sales of eco-products.

Proposals to the world and for the future for the construction of a sustainable society supported by diverse networks

There will be displays by environment NPOs, NGOs, and universities and other educational institutes as well as those by companies, local governments, and research institutes, offering a venue for the exchange between various stakeholders involved in the environment. For the visitors from overseas, information will be provided in English, Chinese, and Korean languages and a tour of the main booths in the venue will be made available. Furthermore, each year, about 20 thousand students are invited to the venue to help them become more aware and learn environmental issues and companies’ environmental activities.

The theme of Eco-Products 2013

“Eco-Products 2013 – Shaping Our Future Now”

The accumulation of the environmentally-friendly actions we take “now” will shape a long-lasting future. In order to preserve the earth that nurtures all life forms for the next generations, we ourselves must think about a better future for the earth, and based on the above, question anew the “now” existing technologies, society, and ways of living that make coexistence with nature possible and start taking actions. The first step to the future starts now.
The Eco-Products Exhibition provides information on the advanced activities and proposals for a better environment in order to realize a sustainable society and change the future for the better.


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Eco-Products 2013 Digest
by EcoNetworks(Supporter of the International office for Eco-Products )