Privacy Policy

Nikkei Inc. (hereinafter, referred to as "Organizer"), host of "Eco-Products 2010", recognizes the societal responsibility of our company to protect the privacy of our customers and places the highest priority on protecting customer privacy. The Organizer will handle all personal information collected for projects of "Eco-Products 2010" (hereinafter, referred to as "This Fair") and related projects of This Fair in good faith and will comply with laws and regulations and various guidelines regarding personal information protection.

  • 1. Regarding the collection of personal customer information and the purpose of collecting personal customer information
    • Information entered by customers will be used only for the purpose of operation of This Fair and related projects of This Fair, provision of information necessary for the operation, and delivery of various kinds of information from the Organizer for those requesting delivery and for the purpose of statistical compilation where individuals are not identified.
  • 2. Regarding personal customer information management
    • The Organizer may disclose personal information to outsourced companies which have concluded non-disclosure agreements with the Organizer beforehand only in the performance of the utilization purposes described in section 1 above. For the handling of personal information, personal information will be collected / managed under the supervision of the Organizer in compliance with the privacy policy of the Organizer.
    • The Organizer will pursue a high level security system to the maximum extent in order to protect personal customer information from illegal access, alteration, destruction, leakage, and loss.
    • Personal information and mail addresses obtained by the Organizer will be strictly managed and all possible means will be taken for erasure and destruction without delay following the completion of This Fair.
    • Personal customer information may be provided to a third party when its application is determined to be legitimate in the event that the provision of such personal customer information is required due to laws and regulations, etc.
  • 3. Agreement with the privacy policy
    • Customers are regarded to have agreed with the information collection by the Organizer at the time of their registration in the advance visitor registration for This Fair, registration for symposiums/seminars, and registration for mail magazine delivery.

  • Handling of personal information in "Inquiries for Exhibiting"
    • Personal information to be entered in this form (postal codes, addresses, company names, names, phone numbers, mail addresses, etc.) will be collected and used only for the following usages.
    • (1) Administrative operation regarding the sending of exhibiting information in "Eco-Products 2010"
    • (2) Information provision of "Eco-Products Fairs" scheduled in the future and related events
    • (3) Provision of information on business conducted by the Organizer, etc.

Please contact here for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information in this website.