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The year 2008 will be a symbolic year of global environmental issues, and all of Japan is examining the direction of the global environment, thinking about it, and acting on it. Because the first five-year commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol started in January 2008, concrete countermeasures are expected to accelerate in civil lives, as well as in governments and industry. At G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in July 2008, the global warming became the biggest issue. Japan has been required to lead the world as a state founded on the principles of environmental protection, and must try to rise to the challenge that such a role involves.

The fair started in 1999 in order to publicize eco-products and to realize an environment-friendly society, and it is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. During this period, awareness of the global environment, efforts, products and service methods in both society and industry have changed substantially. The scale or business types at the fair have also widely expanded. Various stakeholders, such as the government, local governments, nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations and educational institutes, as well as companies are connected through this fair, and they use this as an opportunity to assist social movements by introducing new activities and examples to solve environmental issues.

Aiming to improve this fair from the largest environmental exhibit in Japan to the largest one in Asia, we will expand our service to visitors from overseas. We as organizers will make every effort to provide a site of environmental branding, new communication and business promotion with a wider perspective.
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