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Exhibition Report from Eco-Products 2007
Over 630 Exhibits and 160,000 Visitors
Date: December 13 (Thu.)-15 (Sat.), 2007  10:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.
Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center "TOKYO BIG SIGHT" (East Hall 1-5)
Number of Exhibitors: 632
Number of Booths: 1405 (At the Fair 2006, 572 exhibitors and 1,169 booths.)
Date Weather Year of 2007
December 13 (THU) Rainy and cloudy later 52802 Visitors
December 14 (FRI) Fair 63507 Visitors
December 15 (SAT) Fair 48594 Visitors
Total 164903 Visitors
The number of the visitors keeps increasing since the first fair in 1999, which had 47,449.
Visitor demographics (on Saturday Dec. 15):
  • Males accounted for about 60 to 70% of visitors, and females accounted for 30 to 40%
  • Students accounted for 14%, homemakers accounted for 5%, and public officials accounted for 3% of visitors
  • Manufacturers accounted for 21%, distributors accounted for 8.5%, information service providers accounted for 6%, and finance, insurance and securities businesses accounted for 3% of visitors
Purpose of Visiting (Multiple answers are allowed.)
  • "Personal interests" 54%, and "Business" 45%
  • Detailed statement of "Personal interests": "Looks interesting" 26%, "Information collection on eco-products" 17%, and "Want to live in an environmentally manner" 17%, and others.
  • Detailed statement of "Business": "Information collection for purchasing eco-products" 25%, "Information collection to promote environmental management" 24%, "Planning and development of eco-products" 13%, and others.
Understanding of Eco-Products Fair
  Before visiting the fair:   After visiting the fair:
  • Already knew a little. (45%)
  • Have heard of it. (24.5%)
  • Understood content well. (19%)
  • Understand a little. (66%)
  • Understand well. (26%)
  • Still do not understand. (7%)
Eco-products of Interest (Multiple answers are allowed.) (Visitors for Personal Interests)
        1. Home Electronics (37%)
        2. Energy and Electric Power Generation (27%)
        3. Everyday Items (25%)
        4. Automobiles and Transport Machinery (18%)
        5. Various Materials and Products (14%)
Impression of Companies' Environmental Measures After Visiting the Fair
  • I thought they were eagerly working on this. (48%)
  • I thought they were working on this to some extent. (42%)
  • I did not think they were working well on this issue. (4%)
What You Expect for the Fair
  • I require them to continue to hold and introduce numerous companies. (Multiple Answers)
  • They should reduce the distribution of catalogues and novelties. (Multiple Answers)
  • The site was too bright and I did not feel like it was saving energy. (Multiple Answers)
Purpose of Participating in the Fair (Multiple answers are allowed.)
  • PR Activity for corporate social responsibility of my company or my group. (51%)
  • PR Activity for the environmental products or services of my company or my group. (49%)
  • Improvement of publicity for products or the organization. (44%)
  • Environmental enlightenment or environmental education for citizens or young people. (32%)
  • And others.
Impression of Participation in the Fair
  • Very Good (26%)
  • Good (55%)
  • Average (14%)
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