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We feature presentations from a very wide range of fields, focused on the makers of eco- products from all fields, including eco-services such as Green Servicizing, environmental technologies and solutions, and financial field such as eco-funds. Also, a large variety of exhibitors gather such as NPO/NGO with their activities reports, universities and research organizations, local government bodies and regional economic groups. Thus, we have created a unique environmental fair which is unmatchable not only in Japan but in the world.
The feature of this fair is that the range of attendees are as diversified as the range of exhibitors. In addition to businessmen who are involved in environmental business and ordinary citizens, many NPO/NGOs and government agencies/local municipal bodies who support environmental business also attend. There are not only business matching and technological exchange between businesses, but also partnerships between businesses and NPOs, opportunities for citizens' voice to reach business corporations, and various other exchanges can be carried out, leading to concrete results regarding the of future businesses. Furthermore, each year the fair draws the interest and attendance of members of the Diet, government officials, presidents and executives of exhibitor companies, among others.
In addition to the exhibitions by businesses and groups, we the hosts have planned many project exhibits and events, and have made the site easy for attendees to understand. On display are, for example, theme display of an environmentally friendly lifestyle at the entrance, live talks by entertainers, organic restaurants and cafes, and various hands-on experiences. The exhibitors and the organizers will come together to present "New Lifestyle", which is about incorporating eco-products into your everyday life.
We approach elementary, middle, and high schools with interest in environmental education and mobilize students at the class/grade level, as a part of their curriculum. We also support mobilization at the local community level, focusing on government bodies and citizens' groups. We receive positive feed back, such as "I realized that companies are earnestly working on 'environmental problems'", "it was like live learning materials, and many of the students were touched", "it gave us the opportunity to think about what we can do", and "each year, we get to experience all the latest technology". We also receive great feedback from the exhibitors, who have a perfect opportunity to provide environmental education to the consumers of the future. This year we plan to mobilize more than 20,000 students.
We use high-profile themes and conduct project exhibits by the organizers. At the last fair, we had themes of food, learning, outdoors and biomass. In addition, we conduct projects that promote visitor's understanding, such as tours of the site with an expert on the particular themes.
We prepare projects in which visitors can experience 'eco-enjoyment', such as a restaurant that uses eco-safe food, spaces that sell eco-products and rides in eco-cars. In addition, we conduct projects to promote visitors eco-actions through garbage separation or through reducing materials handed out.
We plan to organize 30 symposia and seminars, including a simultaneous holding, centering on the anniversary symposium by the organizers. We also plan to prepare a stage for the exhibitors' PR activities at the site. Our aim is to enhance the transmission of environmental information throughout the whole fair.
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